How to plant a tree

What to consider when planting a tree

Trees create structure in a garden and also have a lot of different functions. They provide privacy and shade, block your view of less attractive spaces, creates a more natural feel in a very urban space, frames a view, helps regulate air temperatures around a house, assists with breaking wind, and works as a decorating feature. They also fulfill an ecological function of providing food and shelter for birds and other critters.

When planning on planting a tree, take the following under careful consideration:

  • Look for trees that are suited for your area, by having a look in your area for trees that are thriving. Endemic trees will grow the best in your area.
  • Look at the space available where you are planning to plant the tree.
    • Keep in mind the scale of the house, property and a fully-grown tree. You want them to be in balance.
    • Do not plant your tree closer than two meters to a wall, paving or sewer system, even if the tree is not considered to have aggressive roots. Tree species known to have aggressive roots should be planted at the very least six meters away from infrastructure.
    • Consider the trees canopy size, and make sure it will have enough space when it is fully matured.
  • Decide on whether you would like a deciduous or evergreen tree. If you have space where you need shade from the blistering sun in summer but need a bit of warmth in the winter, a deciduous tree would be the best. Deciduous trees provide for a sense of change in your garden with the leaves changing each season.

On the other hand, if you have the need for a screen or windbreak, an evergreen tree would be the way to go.

Trees contribute a lot more to our environment than we think. Their roots hold soil in place, helping to prevent soil erosion. The roots also retain water and transfer hidden nutrients up to the surface.

The leaves also have a big role to play. Through transpiration, moisture goes into the atmosphere and thus contributes to rain and mist. One of their main functions is to absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen for us to breath.

Planting a tree is an investment for the future and gives fulfillment by watching the tree develop and thrive.