How to create a beautiful garden, save money, water & general garden tips for people staying in and around Centurion.

The drought of a while back, and the lingering effects of it has made us all aware of the fact that we need to rethink the way we use our water resource.

By making a few changes in the garden we can reduce the impact we have on the water supply

Grass and soil are inter-dependent existing in a beautifully mutualistic relationship where one flourishing community provides for and is reliant on another equally flourishing community. When systems are functioning well in both communities, prosperity is created.

How to keep a green lawn in centurion

Not much beats the sight of a beautifully manicured, green lawn. It is the jewel of the garden and the perfect canvas upon which the gardener may paint the floral colours of his, or her, choice. Once the lawn is established there are some common sense rules that should keep it in good nick.

Trees create structure in a garden and also have a lot of different functions. They provide privacy and shade, block your view of less attractive spaces, creates a more natural feel in a very urban space, frames a view, helps regulate air temperatures around a house, assists with breaking wind, and works as a decorating feature. They also fulfill an ecological function of providing food and shelter for birds and other critters.